Food Processing
Components Machining

Tech-Max machine is very familiar with GMP and the needs of the Food Processing Industry. We have years of experience machining all grades of stainless steel and even plastics and Teflon. It is critical to understand the interaction between components inside a machine; in fact, we routinely assemble and run test entire machines for customers. Surface finishes are critical to ensure bacteria has no place to hide!

Core Competencies

  • Common Parts: pelletizing dies and rollers, bearing housings, cutting knives, feedscrews, shafts, dial plates, conveyors, extruding dies
  • Surface finishing and polishing to meet GMP standards during operation
  • Materials: stainless steel (316, 303, 304, 17-4, 410, 420, 440) aluminum, plastics and Teflon
  • Value added secondary services available: welding, heat treating, grinding, coating & plating

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