Steel, Gray Iron & Ductile Castings

Quality Castings of Iron and Steel

U.S. Casting Company pours a wide variety of carbon and low alloy steel as well as gray iron and most ductile iron grades. Weights range from 10-8,000 pounds. A wide variety of rectangle, square, and round flask sizes are available to accommodate your pattern requirements. Our ability to closely match customer's casting dimensions with a more custom fit flask makes us both more competitive.

We have a melting capacity that exceeds 6,000 pounds per hour which is maintained by two new vertical electric induction furnaces. The use of select grades of scrap, certified alloy additions and state of the art ladle practices assures clean metal that meets or exceeds foundry standards. WE document all chemistry results with our state of the art spectrometer and provide physical properties from local third party laboratories when required. Ultra-sonic testing and magnetic partical testing are also available.

Our proven practice mold and core making operations are essential when offering dimensional stability and above standard surface finish. We utilize the best sand grade quality and bonding agents available. "No corners cut". This philosophy has been with us since our inception in 1983. Our molders and core makers deserve the best materials and automated molding equipment to make the type of casting they are proud to ship to you. That is the U.S. Casting difference.

The Art of Pattern Making

We use several different materials for pattern construction depending on customer's preferences, or our recommendation for the application. We have over 25 years' experience in molding with polystyrene patters for that occasional break down or prototype requirements. Poly patterns offer lower cost yet provide the same casting quality and typically faster overall turnaround. We also mold from the traditional pattern constructions of wood and plastic. All permanent patterns are stored for our customers in one of our three dry shelf facilities. They are expensive tools that belong to you and it is our responsibility to keep them in good condition for every order. Our information system provides pattern location, usage, and condition of your equipment which comes in handy if your records are not current. Finally, we offer in house pattern repair/revision service. Simple wear and tear are generally done at no charge. Worn out patterns or revisions typically require the need for professional pattern makers which is also available. Good patterns make good castings.

Secondary Operations Offered

Heat Treat: We provide a full range of heat treat options. Annealing and normalizing are performed in our heat treat department. Liquid quench and temper as well as any specialized heat treat are outsourced to certified heat treaters. Machining is available. We are located in the heart of manufacturing in northeast Ohio.

Industries Served by U.S. Casting Company

A wide variety of domestic and international companies have come to depend on U.S. Casting company for consistently dependable service and quality castings. Among them are firms producing machinery and products in the following industries:

  • Gear Manufacturing
  • Pump and Valve
  • Steel Mills and Non-Ferrous Metal Producers
  • Railroad and Transportation
  • Construction Machinery
  • Oil Field Equipment
  • Mining Machinery
  • Rubber and Plastics Machinery
  • Machine Tool Manufacturers
  • Power Generation Equipment
  • Defense, Ordnance and Naval

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